Saturday, December 29, 2007


OK, in a fit of hormones and despair, I deleted the old blog. My husband was mad at me for days- he compared it to suicide. But the truth was (is) I don't want people thinking that homeschooling gets rid of all your family issues and worries. It isn't a magic bullet. That pesky original sin still gets in the way as people make bad (uncharitable) choices.... especially children. So, I felt a little hopeless for awhile. I wondered "Why homeschool, if a child turns out just as selfish/ vain/ lazy as if I HADN'T put all of this effort into them?!?"

Reading the Pope's new encyclical on hope "Spe Salvi" was a tremendous gift to my spirit. Also, a good confession, where my dear Fr. A told me this was a pride issue- I expect my children to be more perfect than they are capable of. (I mean, we aren't the Louis and Zelie Martin family, adult saints raising child saints, if you know what I mean!)

So rebooting my blog is a gift to my dear husband, who has had to endure lots of black days from me. With nary a whimper for himself, but constantly bringing me back to remember my children deserve MY best, even when they don't give me THEIR best! I'm sorry, my love, that I cannot conjure up all the lovely posts about you again. They are lost in cyberspace, but the sentiment behind them is always in my heart!